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Accrington Garages Service Plans

Routine servicing is an important part of keeping your Vauxhall working at its best, delivering a top driving experience and a service plan available from Accrington Garages is your key to worry-free motoring.

It lets you spread the cost of your regular services across monthly instalments, just like household bills. Even better, all service plans are inflation-proof. And, of course, all your requirements are handled by expert Vauxhall trained technicians.

Why a service plan makes sense:

  • Spreads the cost of servicing
  • Inflation proof and interest free –service cost fixed at today's prices
  • Your vehicle will be maintained and serviced by our Vauxhall trained technicians
  • Vauxhall service stamp helps to maintain your vehicle's re-sale value
  • Covers complete cost of your recommended servicing including parts and labour and advisory brake fluid change.

​​Both private and commercial customers can benefit from our service plans, which are conveniently tailored to suit your specific needs. Contact us directly for more information on the advantages of choosing a service plan, and to start creating your own with us today. You can submit an enquiry using the online form, phone our dealership directly, or visit us in person.


Straight answers for a simple plan.
Who can get the Vauxhall Service Plan?
Most people can. Our new Vauxhall Service Plan is available for new and used car buyers as well as people who already have a Vauxhall.

What discount can I get as part of the Plan?
You get 50% off your MOTs, and up to 25% discount on wear and tear repairs.

How long is the Vauxhall Service Plan for?
There's choice of Plans ranging for one to three years that will cover all the cover all the costs of your service.